If you are looking to improve your listening skills and expand your specialist vocabulary in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, big data, reliability and maintenance, this series of podcasts from Reliability Radio is for you. https://reliabilityweb.com/podcast

Best suited for Advanced Learners of English (B2-C2)but it is also worth listening to for the Intermediate Learner (B1-B2) when following a few simple rules:

  • Before you listen for the first time, try to predict what the speakers might be talking about by looking at the title. You can enter the main words of the title in Google or an online dictionary to get a better idea of the content.
  • Enter the main words into an online translation tool like Deepl https://www.deepl.com/en/translator to check understanding.
  • Also, before listening for the first time, set yourself a clear goal: how long do I want to listen to this podcast? Do I just want to get the general idea of the content or do I want to understand details?
  • When you listen: don't feel overwhelmed by the speed of the speech!! The more you listen to authentic speech, the more you will get used to the speed.

Enjoy listening and please leave a comment if you have.